Told the Evil Trainer about my weight loss plan, and he likes it – but naturally he wanted me to add one thing to it….25 crunches a day.  I suppose I can do that for him.

Had a pretty good week – had one slip up on thursday, didn’t bring lunch, so I was ravenous when I left work.  Wound up stopping at Carl’s Jr. for a burger.  And it made me feel like CRAP!

And I decided to make today my free day.  I was craving pizza like mad!  So I ordered one, and had 4 slices…and I feel like CRAP.  (do I detect a trend?).  I’ll throw the rest out – I don’t want it around tempting me….

I had thought I was going to swim tonight, but damn Aunt Flo is still in town fucking with my chi.  So I’ll do the MagneTrainer instead.  I’ll swim sometime next week.

Trying not to think about or obsess over the fact that next Friday I’ll be getting my fat ass on a scale and will be finding out what I weigh.  It’s been over 2 years since I have, and I’m DREADING it.  But I really want to know where I’m starting at, so I guess I gotta do it…

Okay – enough chit chat…