My last post got me thinking about de-cluttering…

I can de-clutter the house – go through the drawers and the closets, getting rid of all the “stuff” I have that clutters up my house and my mind.  I can make things clean and clutter free.  A bit daunting at the moment, but with some concentrated effort, I can do it.

But how do I de-clutter my soul?  Get rid of all the crap that I’ve been dragging around my entire life that I can’t seem to let go of?  The stuff I have no idea HOW to let go of?

Do I really need to carry around the hurt from being made fun of while I was growing up for being fat?  Does it serve any purpose for me now?  How do I put it in a box and set it out for the trash?  Same thing with every man or boy who has broken my heart.  Or every time I felt like my parents didn’t love me or were disappointed in me because I’m fat.  How do I get rid of that?

How do I tell my Binge Eating good bye and walk away from it as I’ve walked away from people who brought bad things into my life?  How do I stop myself from running to food for comfort when I’m sad or stressed, or for something to do when I’m bored, or for the myriad of other things I use food for?

It feels like this is something I HAVE to figure out how to do in order to lose the weight.  Most days it feels like I’m just killing time until my time is up… Like a bad day at work…