You know it’s going to be a rough workout when the Evil Trainer STARTS with the 35-lb kettle bell and you have not eaten breakfast…  But I survived and I’m only *slighty* exhausted.  I really want to take a nap, but I’m waiting for a call about a potential job…

We did the measuring yesterday.  Basically weight stayed the same, some measurements were down, some didn’t change, and somehow the measurements on my legs went UP!  ET is going to check my leg measurements again next week – he’s thinking perhaps it was water retention (since I do retain water like the Hoover Dam!).  But overall I’m still pleased – my waist and hips went down so I think the Pilates is definitely working!

And I think all the work on my knee is slowly starting to pay off – I know yesterday I managed to straighten it during a stretch more than I’ve been able to straighten it in a long, long time.  Hurt like hell, but it has to be done.  ET and I are also going to up the weight on the leg press by 90-lbs a month.  I used to be able to leg press 1000-lbs (Yep!  10 reps of 1,000 pounds!) and I want to get back to that level because my crazy strong legs always made me happy.