Had my yearly physical today, and of course there was much discussion of my A1C number.  Long story short, exercise, eat better, no “white” foods, and 2x daily blood glucose testing.  All pretty much as I had expected.  The doctor did NOT agree with my insistence that fake sugar (ALL fake sugars) are worse for a person than real sugar.  (I’m sorry that crap cannot be good for a person).

So what is it that has the voices spun up and freaked out you may well ask…

Well, I turned 5o in March, and since it’s not bad enough being 50, I now get to schedule myself for a colonoscopy.  Okay, also knew that was coming.  BUT what I didn’t know, and what has me totally freaked is that there is an IV involved!  OMFG – the worst nightmare of all for me is a friggin’ IV!!!!!  I do not have any idea of how I’m going to get my voices to settle the hell down about that.  Just thinking about it makes me lightheaded.

Clearly 50 is going to be a sucky year filled with an assortment of needles.  boo…


The Endo did an A1C test on me last week because my Blood Glucose was a little high on my previous blood work (101)…  and as I feared, the news was not good.  I expected that I’d be “slightly” pre-diabetic, but with an A1C of 6.2 I’m at the high end and too damn close to diabetic.  So it’s REALLY time to make the changes I keep yammering about.

I have my yearly physical with my PCP tomorrow, so I expect the main topic of discussion to be how to stop me from developing diabetes…


But at least I know, and I can do something about it before it gets worse.

The Endo says that “weight loss through improved diet and exercise is critical to prevent the development of diabetes”…  And he has promised to nag me about it too (I told him that was fair).   I’m just still in freaked out mode – I keep thinking of my Dad’s cousin who on one of her feet lost all of her toes and part of her foot because of her diabetes (not to mention the insulin injections).  That is NOT a road I want to be anywhere NEAR!