In the mail today was the complete results of my blood work…

In 2003:

Weight:            310.6 (I had lost about 50lbs at this point)
Cholesterol:        188
HDL Cholesterol:    48
LDL Cholesterol:    122
Triglycerides:        91

In 2004:

Weight:            253.2 (lowest weight in years)
Cholesterol:        144        (-44 from 2003)
HDL Cholesterol:    49        (+1 from 2003)
LDL Cholesterol:    78        (-44 from 2003)
Triglycerides:        85        (-6 from 2003)

In 2006:

Weight:            342.2
Cholesterol:        208        (+64 from 2004)
HDL Cholesterol:    49        (no change from 2004)
LDL Cholesterol:    139        (+61 from 2004)
Triglycerides:        106        ( +21 from 2004)

In 2010:

Weight:            350
Cholesterol:        233        (+27 from 2006)
HDL Cholesterol:    46        (-3 from 2006)
LDL Cholesterol:    149        (+10 from 2006)
Triglycerides:        141        ( +35 from 2006)

Just watch the Cholesterol/LDL climb….  Possibly not related to my weight, but most definitely related to the crap I eat, which in turn is related to my weight.

Motivation found…

Perhaps I should consider some sanitized tapeworms to aid in my weight loss (this is an actual old ad!):


Usually I’m a BIG fan of cold and snow – but I’m so ready for spring… Thankfully the days are getting longer and it’s no longer dark at 4 in the afternoon!  But I’m ready for green and gardening and rain.

I think a lot of my longing for spring is because of the bad winter funk I’ve been dealing with.  But I have to admit I *think* the antidepressant has started to help.  I don’t feel like I’m full of rainbows and puppies, but I’m definitely feeling less dark.  But the cold just makes me want to stay curled up under a blanket in front of the fire.

So with it snowing here in Denver, and me only working a half day at home, guess where I didn’t go?  That’s right!  The gym… for cardio.  But I’m bringing my workout gear with me tomorrow and I’m stopping at the gym on the way home – PINKY SWEAR!

Looks like I may have an interview for a job this week.  And hopefully another one I was submitted for as well.  I’ve learned to not get my hopes up, so I guess I’ll see if either pans out…  I’m not a pessimist, I just firmly believe if I get all hopeful and confident, I’ll jinx things.  :)

And I’m still trying to figure out how to get my focus & motivation back.  I’ve been “trying” to lose weight since August of 2009, and I’ve lost just under 15 pounds and 21″ – and while the inch loss is wonderful, the pounds lost is pathetic!  I know I can do better if I can just somehow motivate myself.  I’m hoping that doing the cardio and seeing progress with it (i.e., endurance) will help.

I need to get it back.  I spent this afternoon in the arms of Pizza Hut – and I don’t even LIKE Pizza Hut, I was just craving it…

I’m sure part of it was due to work stress – the maintenance I had to work on did not go at ALL smoothly partly because I didn’t do enough research on some of the software upgrades.  And I’m VERY hard on myself when I drop the ball on something for work…

I didn’t make it to the gym for my cardio, but I’m going tomorrow morning.